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Cate Arnold

BLS Freight Farms | Faculty Advisor


I am delighted to be the faculty advisor for this project and to see the Freight Farm starting to become part of the BLS community. It has been great working with the student Freight Farm team and with Freight Farm staff. It's pretty cool that students are able to grow so much produce, even in the dead of winter.  I look forward to the start of the BLS CSA so that lots more people can learn about the farm and enjoy fresh locally grown food.  I'm a big fan of kale, so I'm excited that there are plans to grow it in the farm, basil too!

Nancy Waters

Parent of BLS grad ('13) | Former YouthCANer


I've worked with YouthCAN on various garden, food, and sustainability projects. So excited to add hydroponic gardening to my toolbox and work with Ms. Arnold and BLS Freight Farm!


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